First Photo Of The Day

I’d gladly eat a few pomegranate seeds to get out of the blazing Phoenix heatoven at Summer’s peak; unlike Persephone, I’d welcome the cool respite.  I recently re-discovered the joys of fresh ruby pomegranate seeds, glittering in the sun like rubies and bursting in my mouth like tiny water spouts. Isabel liked them too, at least visually and in theory, although she spit them out after sucking them, and preferred — instead of ingesting  them –  to talk about how her cousins Ally and Toby had eaten great spoonfuls of them last time we visited in Chicago.

Right now the mornings are chilly and the evenings are cool, although the days still reach the upper 80′s and although we may get into the 90′s before it gets cooler for good.  And there are huge waist-high bins of pomegranates at the grocery store, sides bulging awkwardly with the ripe fruit, alongside the cartons of pumpkins and spaghetti squash. And I can’t resist them…their color and mythological intrigue enchant me, even if it’s cool enough now that I don’t need their cold curse, and I have to get one. We may even try making “fairy paint” using squashed pomegranate juice.  We’ve done this before and it was fun; we made a purple-ish reddish paint from pomegranate and blueberries, and a yellow one from leaves and turmeric. I mixed the juice with flour and oil to make paints, and Isabel loved this home-made craft!


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